Photo Album # 2

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More Family-Fun-Barn Memories at Tibbs Highway Horse Farm

Mike and Leighanne at Cornersville Horse Show - 2008 riding WC Mare "All Jacked Up".

RWGC "He's No Ordinary Wolf" and owner Abby Swisher - Blue Ribbon Ride at SSHBEA Manchester Show 2013!

2008 SSHBEA Fall World Championships - Mike and Leighanne with WC Mare "All Jacked Up".

RIP - Uncle Boyd Roberts / RIP "Boyd's Gold Flame" -

Leighanne with her faithful Heeler, "Cash" and her sister Dominique.

WGC "Jake's Jubilee Star" - With Bailey Fishburn in the saddle and Leighanne at the lead. 2013 SSHBEA Spring Show

NSSHA 2013 Spring Show with Abby Swisher and "Jake's Jubilee Star"

Resident here at Tibbs Hwy Horse Farm - "He's No Ordinary Wolf". 2012

My view on a good horse looking over our fresh cut and racked hay field - 2012.

2009-2010 NSSHA Open Model World Grand Champion, "I'm All Jacked Up" - Picture by Sabrina.

Leighanne and Abby - 2012 NSSHA Spring Show.

WC "Yankee Wolf" - Leighanne Tibbs/Handle - Susan Steffan/Owner at the 2012 WHOA Internationals. Open Model Champion.

Mike and Roscoe at Fountain Creek Trail Riding.

Paw Paw Roscoe and Uncle Boyd riding WC "Country's Enchanted Valley" at the Lewisburg Horse Show.

Beacky, Krissy, Abby, Bailey, and Leighanne at NSSHA Spring 2013 Show.

Leighanne with good friends/customers Susan and David Steffan at the 2012 SSHBEA Banquet.

2012 Weanling Line Up - "Im Jacked Up Too", "Ive Got A Wolf All Night", and "Dirty Little Secret". Trained by Tibbs Hwy Horse Farm.

Leighanne with "Pusher's Short Run" - Owned by Deanna Bush of Beechgrove, TN. SSHBEA/NSSHA Blue Ribbon Model Winner.

Shane with "Im Jacked Up Too" - Warming up before the SSHBEA Spring Show 2012.

Mike with the young boys, "Im Jacked Up Too" and "Ive Got A Wolf All Night" 2012.

Leighanne with "Jake's Jubilee Star" - WHOA 2012 International Spotted Country Pleasure Winner.

Leighanne and Angie Trail Riding at Fountain Creek.

Trail Riding at Coffey Farm.

Leighanne taking Baby Bailey for a ride on WGC "Im All Jacked Up" at Celebration Grounds 2011.

"Im Jacked Up Too" AKA "Pistol" checking out the goat. Winter 2011-2012.

Leighanne and cousin Bailey with WGC "Extra Blue" - 2012 SSHBEA World Grand Championship Show.

WGC "Miss Teen USA" - Photo By Diana Hoppe.

Leighanne and Abby with "Vegas"

WGC "Jake's Jubilee Star" Winning a First Place Ribbon at the 2013 SSHBEA Spring Show in the Country Trail Pleasure division.

"Snitch" - Sold here at Tibbs Hwy Horse Farm. March 2012.

Brother, "Kyle", riding "Splash" through the pasture.

One of Tibbs Hwy Horse Farm Residents WGC "Jake's Jubilee Star" with her owners Rosi and Herb Wood of Lexington, TN at the SSHBEA Fall World Grand Championship Show 2012

2012 Reserve World Grand Champion, "Im Jacked Up Too" with Family and Friends. NSSHA World Championship Show.

Reserve World Grand Champion, "Jake's Jubilee Star" - NSSHA World Grand Championships 2012. Pictured with Mackenzie Morgan. Owned by Rosi and Herb Wood.

WGC "Yankee Wolf" with Owners, Family, and Friends. 2012 Open Model NSSHA World Grand Champion.

Multi World and World Grand Champion, "Smokey's Honky Tonk Angel" - NSSHA World Champion 3 yo Trail Pleasure - 2012.

"He's No Ordinary Wolf" - Reserve World and World Grand Champion NSSHA Juvenile Country Pleasure Horse with Mackenzie Morgan - 2012.