Horses Sold

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Take a look at some of the beautiful Top-Quality Walking and Spotted Saddle Horses we have sold over the past years...

WGC "Im Jacked Up Too" - Now owned and Standing at Stud at "Choose Your Gait Farm" in Danville, AL.

WGC "Extra Blue" - Buckskin/White Gelding Sold in 2012to Jane Hampton of Waynesboro, TN!

"Jacked Up Diamond" - 6 month old Reg. Bay/White Stud Colt Sold to Amber Shultz of Irvington, KY.

"Sky" - 4 year old Palamino Reg. Racking Mare - Now owned by the D. Taylor family of Shelbyville, TN.

"Rockers Gone Platinum" - 7 year old Reg. Walking Horse/Spotted Saddle Horse Stallion (Now A Gelding) - Happily owned by Debbie Petersen in Jackson, WY.

"Buckskin and Silk" - Sold to Ralph Pinner of Mississippi.

"Patch" - 13 year old Reg. Spotted Horse Gelding - Now owned by Mr. Williams of Alabama.

"Jacked Up On Gen Tonic" - Offspring Sired by our Stallion and Sold to The Larry McKee Family of Mississippi!

"Tears And Lies" - Yearling Filly Now Owned by Susan Steffan of Irvington, KY.

"On The Road Again" - Black and White Spotted Gelding - He is now a World Champion Trail Pleasure Show Horse. - Now owned by Mr. and Mrs. Sanders of Alabama.

"Hytone's Lil Miss Firefly" AKA "Nikki" - Born and Raised by Tibbs Horse Farm, This 2 year old Spotted Saddle Horse Mare resides in Petersburg, TN as our Aunt Angie's Personal Trail Mount. Thank you for giving one of our special babies such a great forever home!

"Perfection" - 9 year old Reg. TWHBEA/SSHBEA Bay Roan Mare. Now owned and loved by a wonderful family and used for Breeding and Trail Riding.

"Ebb's Shadow Pusher" -12 yr old Spotted Saddle Horse Mare. Congratulations Debra Ward of Ohio on your 2nd Tibbs Highway Horse Farm Spotted Horse!

"He's No Ordinary Wolf" - Now a Fun Field Trial Horse on a Large Plantation in South Georgia.

"Legend" - 9 yr old Grey Walking Horse Gelding - Residing in Kentucky as a 15 year old girls first Trail Horse!

2 X WC "Into The Next Generation" - Yearling World Champion SSHBEA/NSSHA Filly - Sold to Jennifer Broadhurst of Shelbyville, TN.

"Warpaint" - 13 year old Grey Tobiano Spotted Gelding is now owned by Karen Tobias of Franklin, TN. Her 5th Tibbs Highway Horse Farm Spotted Horse!

"Shadow" - 7 year old Bay Tobiano Walking Mare - Now owned by The Erbi Family of Petersburg, TN.

"Big D." - 5 year old Reg. Walking/Spotted Horse Gelding - Now owned by Dreamwalker Ranch of Las Vegas, NV.

World Champion "All Jacked Up" - 4 year old Reg. Spotted Mare (I WILL MISS YOU) - Now owned by Evening Shade Farm of Shelbyville, TN.

"Dancin' In Dallas" - 6 yo Reg. SSHBEA/NSSHA - Now owned by Shane and Tiffany Hartwig of Dechard, TN.

"Vigor Jacked You Up" - Weanling filly born, bred, and raised here on our farm. Sold to The Adtkins Family of Columbia, TN.

"Spud" - 3 year old Reg. Spotted Horse Gelding - Resides in Georgia.

"Rebel" - 12 year old Reg. Spotted Horse Gelding - Now owned by the Grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. Yager of Alabama.

"Whiskey" - 7 yr old Spotted Gelding. Congratulations on your purchase to Mrs. Jaconetti of Rhode Island.

Reserve World Champion "Papa John" - 3 year old Reg. Spotted Saddle Horse Gelding - Now owned by Debbie Moyers of Abingdon, VA.

"Shaker" - 4 year old Reg. Grey Walking Horse Gelding - Now owned by Dreamwalker Ranch of Las Vegas, NV.

WGC "Smokey's Honky Tonk Angel" - Now Owned by Kim McMahon of Shelbyville, TN.

"Battles Little Leigh" - 08' Horse of the year and 4 Time World Champion SSHBEA Mare. - Now owned by Mr. McCall of Shelbyville, TN.

"Rambo" - 4 year old Reg. Spotted Horse Gelding - Now owned by Jen and Matt of Las Vegas, NV.

"JJ" 2 year old Black/White Spotted Stud Colt - Now owned by Kevin of Kentucky!

"Calvin's CK One" - 6 year old SSHBEA/TWHBEA Mare. Now in Kentucky, used for Trail Rides and Local Horse Shows.

"Pink's A Rock Star" - 8 Year old SSHBEA/TWHBEA Mare. Now owned by Mona in Machester, TN. Looking forward to seeing her 2012 Offspring by WGC "I'm All Jacked Up".

"Leroy" - 7 Year Old Dappled Grey Speed Racking Gelding. Making a wonderful Trail Mount in Colorado.

"Touch Of Topaz" - 5 Year old Buckskin and White Spotted Mare. Now owned by The Osborne Family of Lewisburg, TN.

"Reeses" - 8 Year old Rocky Mountain Horse Gelding. Now teaching children how to ride and making a wonderful Trail Horse for a great family.

"I Got It Honest" - Now owned by Lisa Smith of VA.

"Spidermans Spotted Again" - 3 Year old Spotted Saddle Horse Gelding. Sold to Rose Valley Farms of Petersburg, TN.

"Pour Some Sugar On Me" - 3 Year old Spotted Saddle Horse Mare. Making a blue ribbon winner and excellent trail mount for J. Tuner of IL.

"Turbo's Royal Colors" - 6 Year old Reg. SSHBEA/TWHBEA Gelding. Now Owned by Sue McDaniel of Springfield, MO.