Fun Photos from our Farm to the Horse Show Ring

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SSHBEA World Championships - October 2010. WGC Miss Teen USA

Miss Teen USA being led by Hayden Hoppe at Rising Glory Farm in Lewisburg, TN during a Spotted Sport Horse Event - 2012.

Mike and Leighanne with 2 Time World Champion "Into The Next Generation" - October 2010.

Abby showing "He's No Ordinary Wolf" - June 2012.

Grandpa Roscoe riding his mare, "Playboy's Next Centerfold" for the National Anthem - Summer 2010.

Leighanne with RWGC "Im Jacked Up Too" - 2013

Leighanne's little sister, Dominique, riding "Sassy" on a beautiful Friday morning Trail Ride - April 2012.

Family Line Up with horse "Zig Zag" - SSHBEA Fall Championship Show - October 2011.

World and WGC "Jacked Up On Gen" - 2013 NSSHA/SSHBEA Yearling World Grand Champion

World and WGC "He's No Ordinary Wolf" with Bella Hartwig for the Swisher Family - 2013

Leighanne and "Rockers Gone Platinum" Trail Riding at Coffey Farm with a big group - Winter 2012

WGC "I'm All Jacked Up" with Uncle Boyd - Fall SSHBEA World Championship Show 2010. RIP UNCLE BOYD - We will miss you dearly!

Mike riding "Rocker's Gone Platinum" and Leighanne riding "Snow White" at Fountain Creek

Dominique riding "Miss Teen USA" at Tipton's Trail Ride - April 2011.

"I'm Jacked Up Too" - First Horse Show of the 2012 Season. 2nd Place out of 10 other Weanlings/Yearlings. One proud Owner.

View at the Top of Petersburg in Well Hollar Trail Riding - Summer 2010.

Leighanne and Keelie with "Nikki" - 2011 SSHBEA Fall Championship Show.

RWC "Tears And Lies" - Victory Pass. First Blue Ribbon of the 2012 Show Season. Owned by Susan Steffan of Irvington, KY.

Horse Showing with Great Family & Friends - June 2012.

"Miss Teen USA" winning the Roses SSHBEA World Grand Championships with Leighanne and Emily. October 2010.

Leighanne riding "Rockers Gone Platinum" for the National Anthem at Cornersville Horse Show.

Leighanne and RWC "Tears and Lies" winning their first Blue Ribbon of the 2012 Show Season for Susan Steffan of Irvington, KY.

"Tears and Lies" with Leighanne and "Ive Got All Night" with Susan - 2011 SSHBEA Fall World Championships.

Mike riding "Playboys' Next Centerfold" at the Lewisburg Country Boy Horse Show - Summer 2010.

Socko's Wedding Reception in Gatlinburg, TN.

Leighanne with WGC "Miss Teen USA" and a good friend Diana Hoppe - March 2012.

"I've Got A Wolf All Night" - Susan Steffan's weanling Stud Colt at his first show of the season - March 2012.

"I'm Jacked Up Too" Winning the Weanling Class in June 2012.

Leighanne riding "Hytone's Blue Bayou" - SSHBEA Mid Season Show 2010.

Dominique riding "Splash" at her home in Tennessee. Summer 2010.

"Hytone's Lil Miss Firefly" - Spring SSHBEA Show. Born, bred, and raised by Tibbs Highway Horse Farm. Sired by WGC "Alens Nite Fire" X "Rockers Miss Hytone".

"Miss Teen USA" on her first Trail Obstacle at The Celebration Vesatility Show in Petersburg, TN. - Summer 2011.

Leighanne and WGC "Im All Jacked Up" - Lewisburg Christmas Parade.

Mike riding "Rockers Gone Platinum" and Leighanne riding "Miss Teen USA" - Fountain Creek Trail Riding

Big Dave, Buck, Shane, and Mike - Having fun at the Bedford County Fair Horse Show.

"Smokes" causing some trouble around the barn - Summer 2011.

Family Photo - SSHBEA Fall Championship Show

Mike and Leighanne Trail Riding "Miss Teen USA" and "Rockers Gone Platinum" at Diana Trail Ride in Cornersville, TN. - Summer 2010.

"I'm All Jacked Up" 2011 Filly - "Jacked Up Rock Star" Owned by Diana Hoppe of Bon Aqua, TN.