2013 Foals/Offspring

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Welcoming our 2013 Offspring into the World...

"LA's Khemosabi" - SOLD!

This is a beautifully marked Sorrel/White Filly Born on April 22, 2013. 

Sire: WC "Khemosabi"

Dam: "Bullets Delta Dawn" (Buds Sterling Bullet)

"I'm Too Sexy For My Spots" -


This is a beautiful and huge Sorrel/White Tobiano Stud Colt with 4 white knee high stockings, a bald face, and a spot on his hip with a mixed tail.  He was born April 20, 2013. 

Sire: "Rockers Gone Platinum"

Dam:"Im Majorly Sexy" (Gens Major General)

"Name Pending"

Super kean Grey/White Stud Colt born August the 6th out of a Grey Walking Horse Mare.  Belongs to our Uncle who lives up the road.   

Sire: WGC "Im All Jacked Up"

Dam:"Lightning" (Silver Design Bred Walking Mare)

"Jacked Up On Champagne" -


Absolutely GORGEOUS Champagne/White Tobiano Stud Colt born August 13.  Out of a broodmare of ours with a cream gene.  He will be offered for your consideration at time of weaning.

Sire: WGC "Im All Jacked Up

Dam:"Rockers Miss Hytone"



"Queen Jazz"

The first Tobiano offspring by Walking Horse Multi World Champion, "Jazz King".  Long legged, long necked, kean head and ear.  Will be a top show prospect in 2014! 

Sire: WC "Jazz King" (Jazzman)

Dam:WGC and Multi WC "Miss Teen USA" (WGC Teen Wolf X Weapons Miss Pusher)