Our Personal Horses

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Pictured below are horses that we call family.  Most are not for sale and are horses that we have raised here on our farm or that have been in the family.  Some are mares that we raise our spotted babies out of.  All are registered and produce only the best trail or show horses in todays industry. 


Mike and Leighanne Tibbs -

WGC "Miss Teen USA"



WGC Miss Teen USA

"Teeny" was purchased in September 2008 from the Jernigan Family in Pikeville, TN as a yearling.  She is out of World Grand Champion Trail Pleasure Horse "Teen Wolf" and out of a direct "Alens Lethal Weapon" Mare.  With pedigree, being 100% Homozygous,  and looks to kill, Leighanne decided over the internet that she just had to have her!  With time and patience, we started working with her in January of 2009 under saddle.  Though it was a rough start, Miss Teen went on under saddle to be a natural, free-flowing Spotted Saddle Horse.  In the Spring of 2009, she started her show career at the SSHBEA Spring Show winning 4 Blues in 4 different classes.  She went on that year with great success, crowning her a World Champion at the Fall Championship Show in 4 different classes.  From Model, to Juvenile, to Amateur and Open Classes. 

The following year, she gave birth to her first offspring out of our stallion, "Rocker's Gone Platinum".  She had a beautiful White snowball that was a Gold Champagne Tobiano in color.  The Filly was marked up a lot like her ancestors, "Alens Lethal Weapon".  After the filly was weaned, Miss Teen had 2 weeks to get into shape for the Fall SSHBEA 2010 World Championship Show.  In her World Championship Classes she recieved a 3rd out of 13 with Mike aboard, a 3rd with Emily Woodruff, and a 5th with Leighanne.  When it came down to the last class, she gave it her all winning honors as 2010 Country Trail Pleasure Amateur World Grand Champion with good friend Emily Woodruff at the reins.

 Miss "Teeny" resides on our farm, showing at local horse shows and continuing her winning ways.  She is also an excellent all around Trail Horse for any level rider.  She enjoys the best of all Worlds.  From the Show Ring, to the Woods, and as an excellent Broodmare - She is an all around winner.

WGC Miss Jazz Queen

2 X WGC Miss Jazz Queen

"Queenie" is already following in her dams foot steps and winning Blue Ribbons in the Show Ring.  She is sired by Walking Horse World Champion, "Jazz King" and out of our leading producing mare, "Miss Teen USA".  She was born October 2013.  Currently campaining in The Weanling Divison at SSHBEA.  Winning Several Blues already and is undefeated. Queenie finished out the 2014 show season winning NSSHA Weanling WGC,  SSHBEA Weanling Fillies World Champion,  and SSHBEA Weanling WGC. 


WGC and 2 X WC I'm Jacked Up Too

- SOLD! -

Please check him out at his new home at "Choose Your Gait Farm" in Danville, AL. He was selected to be added to their String of Top Stallions!

I'm Jacked Up Too

"Pistol" is a yearling Homozygous Stud Colt that will be raised here on our farm.  He is sired by our Previous Stallion, 2 X WGC "I'm All Jacked Up" and by Leighanne's Personal Mare, WGC "Miss Teen USA".  With a set of papers with bloodlines and plenty of history, this colt should be a top contender in the Horse Show Ring.  He is tested 100% Homozygous for the Tobiano Gene. 

Pistol was born Smokey Black and White, but may shed this summer to be either a Seal Brown Tobiano or Black Tobiano in color.  He has a lot of stride and moves very well.  He has a short, kean head and ear like his sire and a beautiful arched neck like his dam.  He is very smart and willing to learn already and has been handled since the day he was born.

We are hoping he will be Tibbs Highway Horse Farm's future World Champion Spotted Horse and possibly a future breeding Stallion for our farm.  He has several 1/2 brothers and sisters by the same stallion that will also be reconized in the show ring this year.  They are just as beautiful as he is with their overall confirmation and color.  Stay tuned for updates on this unique Stud Colt.

Rocker's Miss Hytone


Rocker's Miss Hytone

"Splash" is a mare that Mike has raised since she was a weanling.  A gift from Mike's Mom and Dad, Splash is very special to us.  She has raised 3 extremely beautiful babies, "Rocker's Gone Platinum", "Hytone's Lil Miss Firefly", and "Sheza Rockin' At The Ritz", and "Jacked Up On Champagne."  An excellent broodmare and trail mount, Splash has been used in parades, gathering up cattle and horses, riding lessons, and for guest riders that come out to ride.  She has a beautiful, one of a kind color.  You might call it a Palamino Sabino - White with pink skin and Palamino speckles all over her body.  Splash never has to worry about living anywhere else...she has a home forever.

Our Broodmares

Tibbs Highway Horse Farm Brood Stock

Tibbs Highway Horse Farm currently owns several broodmares that we raise babies out of.  

- Rocker's Miss Hytone - "Splash" is a Palamino Sabino Registered Walking Mare.  Her sire is "Sir Josephs Rocker" and her dam is  "Hytone Kitty".  Splash is a retired broodmare, and now serves the purpose as an extra guest horse and lesson horse.

- Multi World and WGC Miss Teen USA - "Teeny" is a Bay Homozygous Tobiano Registered Walking/SSHBEA/NSSHA Mare.  She is out of "WGC Teen Wolf" and out of a direct "WGC Alens Lethal Weapon" Mare.  Pictures on 2011/2012/2013/2014 Foals Page


WGC Jakes Jubilee Star

- NOT FOR SALE - Passed Away December 2017

WGC Jakes Jubilee Star

"Rosebud" is a gorgeous Triple Registered Buckskin/White Mare that has become part of our family. She is a 2 year old SSHBEA World Grand Champion and 2 year old NSSHA Reserve World Grand Champion in 2013.  "Rosebud" also has earned 2 SSHBEA World Championships as a 3 Year old both under halter and under saddle.  She is also an excellent leadline pony (small horse) that we compete on.