Horseback Riding Lessons

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Tibbs Horse Farm offers Riding Lessons to our customers.  Leighanne is a Certified Riding Instructor with over 15 years experience.  Leighanne grew up riding cutting and reinging horses, along with taking out trail rides in the State Park in Farmingdale, NJ.  Now she has over 7 years of knowledge riding gaited horses.  Leighanne has learned about different gaits, pleasure riding, and has been there and done that in the Spotted and Walking Horse Show Ring.  Leighanne is also a licensed Spotted Saddle Horse judge and also judges local horse shows daily.

We specialize in children and adults of all ages.  We have the knowledge and ability to teach you how to ride your Gaited or Quater Horse.  Leighanne works with each student one on one, teaching them the basics from grooming and proper care to in-the-saddle balance and correct seat, posture, and hands. 

Tibbs Horse Farm has their own lesson horses - Calm, gentle, easy to handle and ride.  Our horses are used to teach everyone from ages 5 and up the basics of riding.  Refrences available.  Our customers are always welcome to use their own horses too!

Private Lesson Rates:

1/2 Hour Private Lesson $25.00

1 Hour Private Lesson $45.00